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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Black and White Bunco theme with FREE printables

 Does anyone else play Bunco?  Our Bunco group has over 20 girls in it and we love it.  If you've never heard of Bunco, you should look into it!  It's an easy dice game but mostly it's an excuse to hang out with a bunch of girls every month and eat snacks.
Last month's theme was black and white.  The invites, score cards, decorations and food were all black and white and the gifts people brought for prizes were black and white too!
For food, I did popcorn (boom chicka pop at Costco), Hostess cupcakes, oreos, cauliflower and black olives and these amazing Oreo cheesecake bites.

What could be better than a soda bar for Bunco night?!  We had lemonade, sodas, limes, flavored syrups and pebbled ice.  I printed out recipes for Italian sodas, dirty sodas, flavored lemonades and other drinks we could make.  (Link to FREE recipe card printables at the bottom)
 We used black and white tablecloths and the centerpieces were glass square vases from the dollar store filled with dice.  I also printed a lable for each vase with the table number.
I love Bunco night!  Do any of you play?  What are some of your favorite themes?
(Just add text to tell them where, when and what to bring)
Downloadable link here
(or right click on pic below)
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