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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Baked Bear (and GIVEAWAY)

Do you want to WIN a gift certificate to Baked Bear so you can try it out for yourself?!?  Just check out my posts on Instagram or Facebook to enter.  Giveaway ends January 18.
We went and tried out the Baked Bear for family night this week.  It's the stuff ice cream sandwich dreams are made of.
Why, yes that IS a HOT CHOCOLATE FLOAT with hot chocolate and a scoop of delicious ice cream topped with whipped cream, hot fudge and oreos.  We liked the ice cream sandwiches best though - this one sandwiched between a freshly-baked cookie and a brownie.
My favorite ice cream was the blue kind - bear batter.  I'm not usually a fan of blue ice cream but this one was really good.

They bake several times a day and even heat up your cookie and brownie when you order so it's perfect.
They were super nice and cut my kids' ice cream sandwich in half, which ended up being plenty for both of them.  It was so good I have plans to go back with my sisters this weekend.  Give it a try!

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