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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Stay-at-home date idea: Sushi from Five Sushi Brothers

Do you want to WIN a date night package of 3 rolls, an order of gyoza and two sodas so you can have the romantic stay-at-home dinner we did?!?  Just comment on my posts on Instagram or Facebook for your chance to win!  Giveaway ends January 26 at midnight Utah time.
Our go-to stay-at-home date night idea is ordering sushi in after the kids go to bed.  In the past one of us puts the kids to bed while the other picks up the sushi but I just found out about this amazing place that DELIVERS SUSHI IN PROVO from 9 pm to midnight.  Stay-at-home date night game changer for us.  It was amazing.
It's simple.  Their rolls are $7 $8 or $9.  You order online and they show up at your house with your food.
 BUT GUESS WHAT!!!  Saturdays from 11-12 ALL ROLLS ARE ONLY $5!!!  That's a killer deal!
We got the Cali roll (top left), tiger mom (middle) and bandies (right), an order of gyoza and 2 drinks.  The drinks were so much fun because they had this glass marble that dropped down when you opened the bottle.  Have any of you had a drink like that?!?  It was fun.
 My favorite was the Bandies roll.  In fact, looking at this picture is making me crave another roll right now.  Oh man, this sushi delivery stuff is going to murder my budget for the month, I can already tell.
(...ok...I may have just texted my friend (since my husband is working) and told her to come over after the kids are in bed so we can order sushi.)
We usually pair our sushi with a game or puzzle or movie.

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