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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Polar Express Holiday Lights Family Night

Once a year one of us puts the kids to bed and after they are settled go in and announce it's time for our ride on the Polar Express!  We whisk them away to the car where fresh popcorn and hot chocolate (this year we opted for chocolate milk in sippy cups) are waiting for them.  We listen to Christmas music and drive around looking at Christmas lights.  It's one of our favorite traditions!
Our kids love it because they feel so special staying up "past bedtime" and spending time as a family looking at nights.  Some years we pay to go through a drive-through light show like the one at Thanksgiving Point and some years (like this year) we just drive around and find our favorite houses.
The house below in Orem is my favorite (451 S 750 E).  Their Christmas lights are to music you can listen to in your car by going to 99.9 on the radio when you arrive.  It's free and it's magical and it's amazing.  We go a couple of times a year.
For more houses like this one, KSL has put out a map here:
Do you have any favorite houses in Utah County?  PLEASE TELL ME!!!!  I want to see them all!

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