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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Luminaria at Thanksgiving Point - is it worth it? (and GIVEAWAY)

GIVEAWAY - Do you and your family want to go to Luminaria so you can have the same magical night together we did?!?!?  Thanksgiving Point and Just Another Utah County Mom are giving away 4 tickets to Luminaria!  Enter by commenting on my posts on Instagram or Facebook.  It couldn't be easier!  Giveaway ends December 11 at midnight.
We went as a family to Thanksgiving Point's Luminaria last night.  We have an annual pass to Thanksgiving Point and so do several of my friends but EVERYONE I talk to has asked me the same thing....  "We are thinking about going, but haven't decided yet.  Is it worth it?"
I think the hesitation to go comes from the $20 for adults and $17 for kids 3-17 price tag.  Thanksgiving Point members get a 10% discount but still...
It's beautiful.  It really is magical and you can see it in my kids' faces in the pictures below.  I love that you have to reserve a time so it doesn't seem crowded.  I love a lot of things about it.
So, is it worth it?
I can tell you without hesitation if you go you will love it.  It's something that is fun for all ages.  My young kids loved it.  I saw teenagers there.  I saw grandmas and grandpas being pushed around in wheelchairs there.  I saw middle aged couples on dates there.  (Honestly, I think this would be a spectacular date choice.)
I think it all depends on how much money you feel comfortable spending.  If you pay to go to the tulip festival in the spring, you will love this.  I liked it a lot better than the tulip festival.  If you pay to go to Cornbelly's in the fall, I think it's just as fun.  If you're comfortable splurging on this once-a-year tradition, you'll have fun.  There really is nothing like it and I don't know of anywhere else you can go to get Christmas lights at this level.
However, if you are going to spend the whole time walking through thinking "I can't believe we spent $80 on this" you probably aren't going to enjoy it.  Not because it isn't magical or fun, because it is, but because the stress of the money will ruin the experience for you.
I think my favorite part is that while we walked through the pathways of lights, each place had a different smell.  We got to a place with flower lights that smelled like flowers.  There were places that smelled like pine.  It really was magical.
They did have these small heaters a few places throughout the pathways but dress really really warm.  I dressed my kids in their snow boots, snow pants, hats, gloves, mittens, scarves and coats and they still got a little cold.  Granted, it was in the low 20s last night and the wind was blowing but 95% of this is outside so dress warm.
The only part that isn't outside (above) is beautiful.  There were places to sit and admire the poinsettias and a place to buy hot chocolate or treats.  To top it off, the whole room smelled like Christmas!
I loved that it had a whole section devoted to Christ and the spiritual side of Christmas.  The picture above doesn't do it justice and show just how breathtaking the lit lanterns surrounding the statues of Christ were.
My kids loved seeing the live reindeer!
There was a place called Smores village with fire pits that also had games and fun things to do.  My husband insisted we played a little bit of corn hole and my kids loved posing in the snowman cutouts.  There was a super size lite brite and a track to race wooden sleds down.  You could also buy smores kits there to make over the fire.  I loved it because it wasn't crowded at all so everyone could play.
 If you go with kids, consider buying some glo-sticks before you go!  The cheapest place I've found them is actually at Macey's grocery store and I was wishing I had brought some along as we were walking around.
The picture everyone seems to have of Luminaria is of the colored lights right as you walk in all the way down the hill.  Did you know these lights change with the songs?!?  Watch the video below to see how cool it is!

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