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Sunday, December 4, 2016

12 days of Christmas care package

I'm always looking for easy ideas of how to help my kids serve others in a way they will understand (send them over if you have any!!!) so I was thrilled when my friend Hillary gave me this idea.
We spent an hour or so yesterday making pictures and writing cards for my Granny who lives alone and tells me all the time about how much she misses her family during the holidays.  I printed out some pictures to go with it and we made 12 different envelopes with a note and photo in each one.

Look how cute and chubby my baby's hand is!!!!!

Once all of the envelopes were ready I added a note and a bow and packed it up to be shipped.
I love this activity because it's something kids of all ages can help with, cost almost nothing, was fast and not too time-consuming and really added to our Christmas spirit.

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