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Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Tree Room

Tonight was magical.
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 Our 11 year anniversary is on Saturday and to celebrate my husband wanted to take me to a nice restaurant.  Have you ever noticed that there aren't a lot of options for fine dining in the Orem/Provo area?  We have been to a few nice places in Salt Lake but didn't have as much time tonight so wanted to stay somewhere closer.
Somebody suggested the Tree Room at Sundance.  Neither of us had been so we decided to try it.  I am so glad we did! 
 This place was really nice.  Really nice.  If you're looking to splurge on a really nice date or celebrate a special occasion, I highly recommend it. 
 First they brought us out a "gift from the chef" to cleanse our palate.  I don't remember everything that was in it but I do remember there was salmon and cucumbers.  I don't like salmon or cucumbers but I was impressed.  I decided to try it and am glad I did.  I think that says something. 
 Next came the bread.  This roll was amazing.  I don't remember what was in it but I took my first bite and started chewing slower and slower because the flavors tasted so good I didn't want to swallow.  Okay, it sounds like I am totally exaggerating and being dramatic but I'm not.  It was really that good. 
 For our starter we ordered pork belly, which served on a bed of lentils, Brussels sprouts and apple mostarda.  My husband worked for a very high-end catering company for 10 years so sometimes gourmet food is lost on him.  He's probably a little harder to impress because he had it so much when he worked catering but as we ate that pork belly he kept saying "this is really good". 
 We both ordered the Tree Room Pepper Steak (the most popular entrĂ©e on the menu), served with spinach, buttermilk mashed potatoes and mango chutney.  It was a great choice and if I were to go back I would probably order the same thing. 
 For dessert we ordered...well I forgot what it is called but it was basically a cream puff but instead of cream it was filled with three different flavors of ice cream, all covered in their house-made chocolate sauce.  I loved it because it was something unique I hadn't ever tried before. 
 Finally, with the check they brought out two chocolates.  They were melt-in-your-mouth delicious. 
 It really was magical.

The Tree Room is open for dinner only.  Weekends are pretty busy, as are event days or heavy ski nights and you likely won't get in without a reservation those days so plan ahead.  I talked to one person who has been twice and both times has seen celebrities eating there!
Dress is nice casual - jeans are okay or dress pants.  If you wear a nice dress/suit you might feel over dressed.
The atmosphere was a lot of fun.  There was a crackling fire and it was nice because guests are required to be 12 years or older to dine there.  I hate getting a sitter and splurging for a nice fancy restaurant only to be seated next to a family with loud kids who are having a hard time behaving.  I'm not going to lie, I was a fan of the no kid policy.
It was a perfect place to celebrate our anniversary and I can't wait to go back again at some point!

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