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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Provo Library Story Time

We love story time at the Provo Library!  We try to go once a week.  We frequent both "Toddler Time" and "Preschool Time".
Toddler Time is geared toward 1-2 year olds and includes learning about a letter, songs, a story and a puppet show.  Anyone of any age is welcome and it's held in the Story Circle.
Preschool Time is only for children ages 3-5 years old.  Parents can watch through live feed being shown on a TV outside the room but do not go into the story room with the children.  They are, however, asked to stay close.  Once the story time has started, the door is closed and latecomers are encouraged to go to Toddler Time instead.  Children must first get a name tag at the children's area desk on the way in so make sure to get there around 5 minutes before it actually starts to make sure they get in.

My kids honestly love this activity.  They sing the songs all week and my 3-year-old's favorite has always been the puppet show.  We have been to a few other story times at other libraries but this one is by far our favorite.
I love it because it's free, interactive, educational and isn't too long.  I can still get out of the house and feel like I did something with them but a half hour or hour of fun is sometimes easier to manage than a museum or movie or something on a busier day.
I also love that it gets me to the library regularly to check out books (and kids movies) for them.  They love it when I read to them and studies have shown letting them pick out their own books helps encourage them to love reading more.
The Provo library story time schedule can be found here:

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