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Friday, November 25, 2016

11 reasons I'm obsessed with Maceys Anywhere

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This isn't a sponsored post.  I honestly am actually this excited about Maceys Anywhere.
At the beginning of this year two of my kids got hand, foot, mouth disease which meant we were quarantined inside (during the winter) for two weeks.  It was miserable.  My husband is a firefighter and works 48-hour shifts so when they were diagnosed and I NEEDED groceries, I was stuck.  I had seen the ads for Maceys Anywhere but wasn't very interested in trying it, but seeing as we couldn't even live off of cereal for two days until he got home because we were out of milk, I decided to give it a try.
"Okay, I guess I'm that person," I told myself as I downloaded the app on my phone, "but only for this week."  I guess I viewed ordering your groceries online as something lavish and extravagant, like getting someone to do your lawn or clean your house, something I would LOVE to do but don't have the funds to justify it.
I was wrong.  After just the first time I tried it, I was hooked.  Here are the 11 reasons why:
1.  I don't have to grocery shop with three kids.  I don't have to!  This was one of the hardest parts of my week.  I would try to fit groceries between kids in the cart while trying to keep them all happy, still trying to get a good deal and remember everything I needed.  I used to leave the store every week frazzled.  Now I order and pay for my groceries online, park in the designated parking spot just for Maceys Anywhere pickup, text the number listed with my confirmation code and they bring it out and put it in my trunk without me having to even unbuckle.  I don't even have to get my kids out of their car seats.
2.  I actually save a lot of money because it's easier to budget.  Before I would make a grocery list for the things I needed that week and go to the store and sometimes it would be a lot more than I had expected.  Before my only option was really to say "okay!  I guess I'm going to be spending $120 on groceries this week!" where now I see how much it's going to be and more than once have said to myself something like "ooo...maybe I should rethink grilling steak the same week I am upping my food storage" and am able to go back in and change around what I was going to make to fit better within the budget my husband and I have set.  This has been a game changer for me.  I end up spending a lot less while still making well thought out and healthy meals.  It's $1.99 to use this service (and they don't accept tips!) but I save well over that from just this concept alone.
3.  I save money because it cuts down on the impulse buying.  Sometimes when I shop when I'm hungry, pregnant, nursing, etc I see all of this stuff as I walk through the store and leave buying way more than intended.  "Oh those oreos look good." "Ben n Jerry's is on sale?!?"  "I haven't had a roasted artichoke since high school!"  Sound familiar?  Shopping with Maceys Anywhere cuts back on the impulse buying but I still get everything I actually need.
4.  I save so much time.  Instead of me planning most of my morning to be grocery shopping, I just stop by on the way home from story time at the library or while I'm out doing other errands.  I get so much more done when I don't have to devote a huge part of the morning or afternoon to shopping.
5.  Speaking of saving time, I do my grocery shopping while I'm nursing.  Every week.  Nurse the baby, buy the groceries online.  It's a time I have found that works for me because the baby is being good and I have little else I could be doing with my time to distract me.
6.  I rarely forget things because I am not trying to look through my list as I walk through isles and can look at my recipes as I am making up my order online.  Also, I love to add whatever I run out of to my cart in my app online as I run out of it through the week, keeping a running "grocery list" right in my cart so my next order I just add the remaining things I need for meals and check out.
7.  When I do forget things, I just text Macey's anywhere and have them add it to my order before I pick it up.  This has only happened once but they were happy to make the change.  I just texted the same number you text when you arrive to pick it up and said "oh shoot, I just realized I need cloves too.  Can you add that to my order?" and then they not only agreed but sent me a PICTURE MESSAGE of what they found to make sure it was the right one.  You guys.  It doesn't get better than this!!
8.  Not only do they text you if they have questionsabout your order but sometimes they find a better product for less money and they will text and clarify for that too!  Once I ordered my kids' Easter candy for their Easter baskets online and ordered a chocolate bunny.  Maceys Anywhere texted me after I submitted the order and said they found the same chocolate bunny by the same brand but bigger that was actually cheaper because of a sale.  They asked if I wanted the bigger one for less money and when I did they adjusted my order accordingly.
9.  Speaking of Easter, I LOVE that I can now buy candy for Valentines day presents, Easter baskets and Christmas stockings without having to worry about going shopping a second time without my kids to save the surprise.  I just browse through the candy on the app, choose what I want and have them load it up into my trunk for me without my kids having any idea.
10.  I save money because both Rosie and Maceys Anywhere send me emails periodically with coupon codes, sales and promotions.  For example, this week they sent out $5 off any order for the first 40 to order and the week of Father's Day I got a free steak.
11.  Finally, Maceys trains the people who pick your groceries to pick the best produce.  I have never had a problem with the produce I have received.  There is a spot where you can write a note on each product if you want and I use that to say things like "I'm using two avocados today and two on Friday" so they pick my produce accordingly.  Sure enough, my groceries will arrive and I will have two avocados ready to eat and two that are a little more firm, just like I wanted.  Same goes for bananas.  I just add a note "I want to eat these immediately" or "I want them a little more green, they are for a recipe later in the week" and that helps them know what I am looking for.

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