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Thursday, June 26, 2014

The best thing we ever did to date night

We started something amazing in our marriage.
His/her dream date night.
I found this article online and immediately fell in love with the idea.  It sounds selfish but hear me out.
I've been married almost 9 years.  We had gotten into a rut where we were doing basically the same thing for date night every week and it was kind of lame.
So...we started this.  We do it every week.  We switch off.  One week it is my turn and I get to plan whatever I want to do on date night.  I don't have to think about if my husband would like it or anything - I just get to do what I want.  Then next week it's his turn.
My husband and I are very different.  We are into a lot of different things, which is good, but it makes it so we are also pretty independent.  We don't have many shared hobbies, which is why this is so perfect.
It forces us to get out of our comfort zone and do things we wouldn't normally do together.  It is adventurous and exciting.  I feel like a newlywed.  It allows us to explore each other's interests and leaves us feeling connected and closer.  I love it.  I've been telling everyone I know about it.
So...the first week was my turn.
We started off with sushi at Happy Sumo.  VIP nights are buy-one get-one-free nights.  As we sat down he looked around and turned to me and said "this is nice".  Success.

After dinner we walked over to Provo Beach Resort and rented a tandem bike for $8.  HELLO?!? Cutest date idea ever!  I thought he would be thrilled because he loves riding bikes but as soon as we got on I could tell in his hurry to get out of there he was a little embarrassed.  So embarrassed he wouldn't let me take a picture.  BUT he insisted that it was MY night and we got to do whatever I wanted.  He liked it.
We giggled.  We flirted.  He was in charge of steering and I loved it because I could just talk-talk-talk and he had nothing to distract him.  AND I got exercise so I didn't have to feel guilty about missing the gym.  Win win.

After biking we got Blue Bell ice cream cones at Ike's at Provo Beach Resort.  It was amazing.  I am honestly getting all twitterpated just thinking about it.
His turn was tonight.  All of my friends were dying to know what he was going to pick.

It started off with McDonalds.  "Where should we go for dinner?"  "It's your pick.  Your night."  "Oh yeah.  This is AWESOME."

I'm going to be honest, I did not see his pick for our activity coming.  He had just finished the book "If I Can't Have You" about Susan Powell's disappearance and all of the twisted facts surrounding it.  He heard about a book club in West Valley with her real friends that was open to the public and wanted to go.
I'm going to be honest, it is something I would have never, ever done had it not been for this his/her dream date thing.  I was so nervous before we went but it was his night so I wasn't about to back out.
It was fascinating.  I won't say it was super fun because it was really sad but I am really glad I went.  He leaned over to me several times and said "this is so much fun".
This is why I love this idea so much!
It got me out of my element.
It got us doing something together we wouldn't normally do.
We were adventurous and had fun and did something that meant something and I feel closer to him because of it.
And there you have it - the two most-fun date nights in the last 5 years (by far) were within the last two weeks.
So stay tuned...
I'm going to take him to get pedicures soon.  (Don't judge...a lot of my friends' husbands love pedicures.)
He is taking me 4-wheeling.
I want to go to 7 peaks WITHOUT the kids.
He wants to take me to Buffalo Wild Wings.
Here I go feeling all twitterpated again...
Shoot me ideas for fun date nights!  What would YOU pick for your dream date?


  1. If I lived in Utah County I would take a ride on the ski lift at Sundance during the Summer. It is a beautiful ride. I've done it before with a super boring date, so I'd love to do it again with my husband, but we live in Florida!

  2. I love the idea of a dream date. So fun. I would love to go on a drive through one of the local canyons. Sounds so simple but I love it! American fork canyon has so gorgeous places and it is close to where I live now but I grew up in Springville and we loved hobble creek!

  3. I love this idea!! I think Josh and I will have to start doing this.