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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Adventure Time Gunter Garbage Can using Duck Tape® Sheets

This post brought to you by Walmart. All opinions are 100% mine.

After many requests, here is the tutorial on how to make the Adventure Time Gunter Garbage Can for the Adventure Time Room I put together.  (The top left in the picture is the character from the show - my inspiration.)

Adventure Time is super popular right now but there isn't a lot out there to buy when it comes to decorating a room.  This Gunter garbage can was super easy to make with the use of Duck Tape® Sheets from Walmart.

First, I started off with a plain black garbage can I purchased from Walmart.

I purchased 2 white Duck Tape® sheets, 1 yellow Duck Tape® sheet, and 1 black Duck Tape® sheet.  You could also buy Duck Tape at Walmart and use Duck Tape® from a roll.

The basic shapes of Gunter are very simple, so I just cut out a triangle for the nose, two black circles for the eyes (and then I cut two circles out of the middle for the pupils).  I used the white to do the dome shape of the body - you can see where the two Duck Tape® sheets meet in the picture if you look close.

I drew a pattern on cardstock for the feet and cut out four feet out of the yellow Duck Tape® sheet.  I cut the heel off of two of the feet and then stuck 1 foot with a heel to 1 foot without a heel so both the top and the bottom were yellow Duck Tape® but the heel was still sticky on one side.  Then I simply stuck the sticky part of the heel to the bottom of the garbage can.

Duck Tape® made this project the easiest ever.  The whole project only took about half an hour and was not expensive at all to make.  I loved being able to cut shapes and then have it easily stick on permantly - no messing with glue or paint.  It added the perfect touch to our Adventure Time room!

Pick up your Duck Tape® sheets at Walmart when you do your back to school shopping and make a Gunter garbage can of your own!  Your kids will love you for it!

More projects using Duck Tape® can be found by following @TheDuckBrand on Twitter.

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