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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Crafting for money

People are always looking at crafts I have made and saying "you should sell that stuff! You'd make a fortune."  They are wrong. Here's why.

Crafting and sewing both take quite a bit of time.  The finished product may look impressive when its done but often it costs almost as much to buy the supplies as purchasing the finished product.  Especially in the case of sewing, the time it takes to create your masterpiece (masterpiece to you only because it involved so much work but simple and ordinary to everyone else) makes it difficult, if not impossible to get paid a reasonable hourly wage.

I love crafting and sewing. Especially sewing. Love it. But not as a job, as a hobby. I love to create, design, invent, come up with something all my own and taylor my project so it fits my needs perfectly. It's exciting for me. It's fun.

As soon as I agree to do it for money though it loses its appeal. It becomes a job, a task I must get through. It's stressful because I want it to be perfect for my customer.  It's stressful because even when I charge what I think is a ridiculous amount, even for a custom-made item (like $350 for this comforter), to make a semi-reasonable hourly wage of a whole $10 per hour, I still feel like I am losing money because I would have made more by just working my other job with much less stress involved.

So I don't usually craft for money.  No thank you. I will stick to medical transcription and sell DVDs online to bring in a little extra cash.  I will keep crafting fun.

This post was sponsored by Music Magpie.  Although it was a sponsored post, all opinions were still 100% mine.

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