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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dream Nursery Reveal: Kate's room

I spent countless hours planning for and getting Kate's nursery ready for her arrival.  I wanted it to be perfect - my dream nursery - and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out.
I wanted it to be super girly with a neutral color scheme and a hint of pink.  When I had my husband hang the chandelier I asked if he liked it and he said "it's pretty girly".  I immediately replied "oh good, that's what I'm going for!"
I found the curtains at Target.  I considered making some but it's much cheaper to buy curtains than to buy that much fabric.
The glider was also from Target.  I always try to have a picture of Christ in my childrens' rooms an I found the perfect one at Seagull Book & Tape that went right along with the color scheme I was going for.
I made the Kate wall hanging, mobile, bumper pads, crib quilt, and crib skirt.

I got the chandelier and framed mirror at IKEA.  You seriously cannot beat the price and the chandelier is the perfect touch - I'm in love with it.  I got the changing table at D&B Woods on Center Street in Provo and we had it stained to match the crib.  I made the changing table pad cover.

I love the custom closets in our house - it really saved us in this room.  Although I wanted it to look 100% like a nursery, it was our only remaining guest room a few weeks prior and I still have to store some stuff in there.  With the help of the custom closet, there is plenty of space to store everything with room to spare.
I got both bookshelves at Target.  I love to fill the shelves with pictures and toys and not just books when I can because I think it adds a lot to the room and keeps things interesting.  I filled both shelves with pictures of Kate's family, pictures of her mom, dad and sister as a baby, and a maternity picture from right before I had her.  I filled the fabric bins with bath stuff, bibs, toys and burp cloths.
It's my dream nursery - just what I wanted.  It took a while to put together but it was worth it.