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Monday, June 17, 2013

Meet Kate

It's been a while.  Just before I wrote my last post about how much I love my job I found out I was pregnant.  Just 3 weeks ago I gave birth to this cute girl.
I debated just keeping this post simple, but ultimately decided everyone likes to read a birth story so here you go.  My pregnancy was relatively uncomplicated and easy with the exception of the 9 weeks at the beginning I suffered through some intense nausea when I had a hard time keeping anything down.  Well into my second trimester I started feeling great and actually enjoyed being pregnant at some points, which never really happened for my first. 
The picture above is me 9 months pregnant.
At my 36 week appointment I mentioned to the doctor I was a lot smaller than I had been with my first.  I started losing some weight at the end and I spent the next 3 weeks going 3 non-stress tests and 2 ultrasounds per week to make sure the baby was still growing and didn't have IUGR.  Although she was small, we ultimately decided to leave her in until 39 weeks and then induce me.
I don't know how I luck out with easy deliveries but I thank my lucky stars every time I hear a labor or c-section horror story that both my babies only took pushing through 2 contractions to come out.
 Kate is tiny and perfect.  She took me a couple days to figure out but is an angel baby and hardly ever cries.  She has long dirty-blonde hair and big blue eyes.  She is just what we needed in our family and I couldn't be happier.

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