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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Make your own bird feeder

One day this summer I taught Lily about birds and we followed it up making our own bird feeders.
To make the filling I just mixed peanut butter with birdseed, unsalted peanuts and cashews.  No recipe - just mix it like you would rice krispy treats so it sticks together but isn't too creamy.
To make the feeder, I just got a paper cup and cut two small holes toward the center at the bottom of the cup. I strung the yarn through so we could hang it in the tree outside.
We filled the cup with the filling and hung it on the tree outside.  (We also filled our hummingbird feeder we got at our local nursery which is in the background in this picture)  We have been enjoying watching the birds coming to get a snack the last few weeks.

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