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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Kate's nursery: Framed name over crib

I wanted to add Kate's name over her crib but wanted to stick with the formal and girly theme I decorated the rest of the room with.
First I chose a font I liked and printed out her name using Microsoft Publisher.  Then I cut out each letter.
I traced each letter upside down (so the marker would be on the bottom of the letter and not show through the fabric).  I used 1/2 inch foam board I found at Hobby Lobby.  I cut out each letter in the foam board using an exacto knife and then used the leftover fabric I had from making the bedding to cover each letter and hot glued the fabric in place.
I covered the back of each picture frame in fabric and used hot glue to secure that fabric in place as well.  I got rid of the glass for each frame and then hot glued each letter to the framed fabric I had prepared.
See my fully pregnant belly as I look down at her name?  I didn't get around to finishing Kate's nursery until about a week before she was born.

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