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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Live Butterfly Kits

This summer was a busy one, but one of our favorite things we did was getting a Live Butterfly Kit in the mail.
Our butterfly kit came with a habitat, food, and live caterpillars.
The kids loved holding the caterpillers and watching them eat and grow.

 I couldn't believe how big these things got so quickly!

Eventually they crawled to the top of their container and hung upside down to form chrysalides.  Once they start hanging you aren't supposed to touch the container for 24-48 hours while they change.

Once hardened you take off the lid and put it in the butterfly habitat to wait for them to emerge.

Just a few weeks after they arrived they were already butterflies!  The kids loved watching them change and learned a lot.  They would sit and watch them every day and talk about it all of the time.

Once we had them for a day or two as butterflies we decided to let them go.  They were very friendly and sat with us a while before flying off.

For the next few weeks we would see them around our yard from time to time.  This was a great educational activity for kids (and adults) of all ages, and took very little effort on my part to make it happen.  I definitely recommend getting your own butterfly kit to try.
Butterfly kits are sold many places, but I got mine here.

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