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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Missionary Cookies

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My sister-in-law was recently called as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I made a batch of these fun missionary cookies for her farewell!

I have made these for my brothers in the MTC and my siblings in seminary before as well, and they are always a huge hit.  Although very time intensive, they aren't very difficult when you break it down step by step.

First I made my favorite sugar cookie recipe, and cut the cookies out using boy and girl cookie cutters I purchased at Walmart.  I mixed up the icing (I was lazy this time and just used frosting from the can.)  I mixed brown for the hair, blue for the boys' ties and a few girls' dresses, pink for the girls' dresses, dark grey for the pants, and I used off-white food coloring (just kept adding until it was the right color) to make the flesh color.  I left some of the frosting white.

First I decorated the boys.  I always decorate 1 cookie to figure out what I am doing and then do all of the rest one step at a time.  (I'll do all the shirts, then all of the pants, etc.)
1.  Spread white frosting along the chest area for the shirt.  You can spread a little below where the pants will go, but I stop at the neck and leave a small area for the hands.  It's not going to look good at this point but don't worry about it.
2.  I used the grey in a piping bag to pipe the pants on.  I first outlined the shape of the pants so there is a straight line along the belt area, and there is definitely 2 legs instead of them blending together.  After I did the outline, I filled the rest in roughly, and while the frosting was still moist used a small knife or wet clean finger to spread the filled in part so it was smooth.
3.  Next I used the flesh color to do a circle for the face, and 2 hands on each Elder.
4.  I put the blue frosting in a piping bag and piped ties on each Elder.
5.  I used a knife to spread the brown frosting for hair.  I did one side at a time so I could get it to look like they each had a part.
6.  After I had made sure ALL of the pants were completed, I added more black food coloring to make the grey frosting black.  I then piped the black frosting to make shoes, a name tag, and the face.

Once the cookies are decorated, make sure to lay flat and not stack the frosting has completely set to prevent smearing.  I placed the cookies side by side in a cookie sheet, and covered it with plastic wrap to keep the cookies moist.  The sides of the cookie sheet kept the plastic wrap off of the frosting while it was setting up.

Now for the girls...
1.  I used a knife to do a circle for the face, 2 hands, and the legs of each Sister missionary.
2.  I put pink frosting (and eventually blue) into a piping bag and piped the shape of each dress, then filled it in using the piping bag.  Then I used a knife or wet clean finger to smooth out the filled in dress.
3.  I used the brown frosting and a knife to do the hair on each cookie.
4.  Finally I used the black piping bag to add shoes, a face, and tags.

In the past, I have done several colors of clothes, and a mixture of blond, brown, and black hair.  I have done light and darker skin as well.  For this farewell I just kept it simple and did all the same colors.

I also did a few name tags with her name on them.  I just cut out rectangles using a pizza cutter and a ruler, and used the leftover black frosting and piped on white words.

They were a huge hit at her farewell.  However, these are very time intensive.  It took me 4 hours just for the decorating to make 40 missionary cookies and 10 tags.

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