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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Online shopping anyone?

Before you read this post, please note it is not a sponsored post.  Ebates didn't ask me to blog about this or pay me to advertise for them.  I just love their site so much I thought you should know about it.  I promise you will love it too.

Tomorrow is Cyber Monday, which means millions of people will be hitting the internet to buy Christmas presents.  I personally prefer to do all of my shopping online.  That's why I was so excited when I heard about Ebates!

Before you do your shopping, sign up for this FREE service!!  They give you $5 just for signing up!

The concept is simple.  Before you do your shopping at...lets say Old Navy...go to Ebates.  Log in and they will tell you what coupon(s) you can use.  When I search for Old Navy I see they are giving me a coupon code for 30% off any order today.  Um...HELLO!!!  I just saved 30% because I checked this site first. 

Not only that, but then I click to go to Old Navy's site from the Ebates site.  It directs me to the regular Old Navy site where I can use the same gift cards or coupons I planned on using.  I check out through Old Navy, but when I check my Ebates account again I see that Ebates is going to PAY ME 7% of how much I spent, just for going to their site first.  That is on top of the 30% I already saved from the coupon.

Ebates has all of the major stores and tons of tiny stores you have never heard of too.  For example, I bought the DVD cases for this gift at a store called Super Media Store.  Ever heard of it?  I didn't think so.  Ebates has.  Turns out I could have gotten 2% cash back had I checked Ebates first.

This site is genious.  I know someone who got so much money from Ebates she bought $400 couches with the check they sent her.

So...sign up.  It's free.  You even get $5 just for signing up!


  1. You are an ONLINE shopper after my own heart. I have been posting all kinds of awesome cyber deals on my facebook. My readers love the deals and would love this post! Feel free to share this at the Meet Me Monday linky party! I am so glad I found you! Love, Me

  2. I just learned about it over the weekend.... really cool!!

    I have awarded you the versatile-blogger-award. Please come and check it out!