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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

K'NEX Review

Lily was excited when 2 K'NEX kits arrived on our doorstep just for her!  She loves playing with blocks and legos, so this was a perfect toy for her.

Lily loved the K'NEX Kid K'nex Farmyard Building Set she was sent.  She was big enough she could put together the animals and farmer all by herself.  I helped her with the other parts, but she has pulled this toy back out multiple times in the past few days to play with the animals.

She also liked pulling apart the other structures when it was time to pick everything up.

Lily loves pretending that the animals are eating.  She puts their head toward their "food" saying "mmm!"  I have to admit - it's adorable.

Lily also liked her K'NEX Kid K'nex Undersea Friends Building Set, although she liked the farm set better.  She loved dressing the snorkeler in his flippers and mask, and making the fish pretend to swim around.

These K'NEX sets are great toys for kids of all ages.  I loved that she could do part of it herself, and it helped her learn to pretend and work on her fine motor skills.

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