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Monday, November 28, 2011

A journal for your kids

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When Lily was 10 months old, I had a distinct thought that I should start writing down her experiences in a journal.  I found a blank journal and started that night.  I don't write everything down.  I write down a few funny stories as she grows and things she will want to know when she is older about herself as a baby.  (What she liked to eat, play with, how old she was at milestones, etc.)  I really just touch on that stuff though.  Mostly I record the spiritual experiences in her life.

I know she won't remember them, nor does she really understand them now, and chances are I won't remember them to tell her about it.  I hope her journal becomes a book she can look to when she is having a hard time.  I hope she finds comfort in knowing she has been blessed and watched over her whole life.  I hope it is a source of guidance when she doesn't want to come to us.

Now anytime we have a significant experience, I write it down.  I find not only am I glad I have it for Lily, but it strengthens me as I ponder over the significance of what has happened.  Most of my entries are very personal, but I will share a few of the less personal ones below.  They don't have to be long.

"Today you crawled into the middle of the room and stood up by yourself unassisted for the first time.  You always clap your tiny, plump hands together every time you do something new.  It's really cute.  Your daddy loves it so he tries to get you to clap a lot."

"[Lily's uncle] got married in the [city] temple recently.  You were the flower girl.  We did your hair in pig tails and the florist made you the cutest clips to go in your hair.  You looked adorable.  [Lily's new aunt] was excited the whole day.  As your dad and I watched them get married, she was kicking her feet through the whole ceremony and giggling because she was so happy."

Because I am always looking for ways to strengthen my family, I am grateful for the prompting I received to start this journal for Lily.  I wish I had started when I was pregnant.  Even if you have kids who are older it's not too late to start recording experiences you want them to have access to later.  Don't worry about catching up from the last however-many years, just start from today.
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  1. I've done that with all of my kids. They love to look through them now that they're getting a little older.

  2. I love that you did that...I wish I had. I remember loads of the good stuff and tell them the stories...but I think there's a ton of little moments you forget as the years go by. Words to live by and you are! xo

  3. Wow, this was such good advice! I'm expecting our first in just 3 weeks, and love this idea. I mean, I have a baby book to record her first milestones, but I hadn't thought of writing down her spiritual experiences for her to know later how much she was loved and watched over. Thanks for posting your thoughts on this, I think you just made a difference in my daughter's life :)