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Friday, November 25, 2011

Handmade Christmas Tags

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I make homemade Christmas tags every year.  It's a great way to personalize my gifts, and it doesn't take a long time or cost a lot to make.

I think a bundle of Christmas tags would also make a great homemade neighbor gift for the holiday season!

Christmas tree tag:  I used my Cricut to cut out the tree (you could use a punch instead if you don't have a Cricut.)  I stuck stickers on for the ornaments and glued a button on for the star.  I punched a hole at the top and strung through red ribbon.

Reindeer tag: I bought paper at Roberts craft that already had a picture of all of the reindeer across it. I simply cut it out to show just 1 reindeer and backed it with navy paper.  I put an eyelet at the top and strung embroidery floss through.

Snowflake: I backed snow-themed paper with white cardstock.  I used my Cricut to cut snowflakes out of white cardstock, and glued them to the front.  Then I ran the whole thing through my Xyron to make this a sticker-tag.

Poinsettia:  I decorated a tiny envelope by sticking a tiny poinsettia flower to green Christmas themed paper using a brad.  I glued the green paper to the envelop to cover the front.  I then cut candy-cane paper and used chalk to make the edges red, and backed it with green cardstock so it fit perfectly into the tiny envelope I had decorated.  For this project, I got a bunch of tiny poinsettia flowers in the floral section at the craft store, and simply took out the gold center and replaced it with a brad so it would stay on the paper.

For this folded card, I used double-sided Christmas themed cardstock and cut to the desired size.  I added ribbon around the front flap, and glued on a star I cut from a punch.

For this folded card, I just cut double-sided Christmas cardstock to the size I wanted so it folds at the top, and tied 3 jingle bells around the front flap using embroidery floss.  I taped the back side of the front flap in place over the embroidery floss.

I used the same technique or this folded card as the folded card with the star above.

For this card, I cut a small rectangle of blue cardstock and topped it with vellum.  I stamped the "Best wishes for a happy holiday" and snowflakes in silver ink on the vellum.  I held it all together with a spiral clip.

This gold version used the same technique as the one above, but without the snowflakes.  The vellum for this was already patterned with gold stripes.

For this card I backed Christmas-themed scrapbook paper with white cardstock.  I also put a white snowman die cut out of white cardstock on the top.  I put the whole thing through my Xyron to make it a sticker card.

I used the same technique as the card above, but instead of making it a sticker card with my Xyron, I decorated the front of a small envelope.  I then cut a small square of snowflake scrapbook paper to fit inside the envelope.

I bought this holly and ivy cutout and brad at Roberts, and put it on some dark green paper.  I backed it with a white fold-over card I had cut from cardstock.

For this Christmas tree card, I cut the tree using my Cricut, and backed it with gold star scrapbook paper.  I backed that with the same green cardstock I used for the tree, and put the whole thing through my Xyron machine to make it a sticker tag.

This is a really easy project to do in bulk.  You can do about 30 in a couple of hours, which makes it a good, low-cost neighbor gift.
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Love Notes by Lauryn


  1. Wow, these are AMAZING!! I seriously wish I had an eye for this like you do. I think I"d take that hour worth of time, and instead of making 30, would be stressed out in trying to make 5! You should totally sell these!!

  2. Oh.My.Gosh> I canNOT believe you make these! I am so glad I found you through "Between Naps at the Porch". I plan to browse around. My readers would LOVE to meet you. My party started tonight. Would love for you to stop by. Either way...I'm browsing your site! Love, Me

  3. These look so professional! You should sell these!!!

    Sharing your gift tags on Pinterest...

    Thanks for sharing at Creative Juice Thursday. Feel free to also share these at my holiday link.

  4. Thank you so much for linking your posts up to Motivated Monday at BeColorful I really enjoyed the creativity that you offer up. I am more than a little bit amazed and I have featured both your gift cards and your fire station project on tonight's Motivated Monday.
    Thanks again,