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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Five Finger Tees - Review

I can't get enough of the hillarious funny t-shirts I see everywhere.  I know of a few boys in my life this would make a great gift for!  I was excited when Five Finger Tees offered to send me a shirt of my choice.  It was tough to pick between all of them, but I finally decided on the "procrastination" shirt above.  I am still chuckling to myself about it.

 I love Five Finger Tees because after you pick the design you also get to pick the background color.  This is perfect for me since my husband tends to wear only certain colors of shirts.  They let you preview your choice so you know exactly what to expect.  Genious.

For more information about Five Finger Tees, or to check out their selection, go to their website here.

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