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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fall leaves wall hanging

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A few years ago, I went back east to see some family and collected some leaves while I was there to remember my trip by.  I pressed them in a book when I returned, but just let them sit around for a long time not knowing what to do with them.  Then I came up with this idea.

 This project was really easy.  I just got frames from Target for a couple of dollars each, acid free metallic sparkly scrapbook paper, and ribbon.  I used a tiny bit of glue stick to secure the leaves in place on the paper, then framed them.  I used hot glue to glue the ribbon to the back of each frame.

This would be a great family activity as well.  You could go collect fall leaves as a family, and then display the leaves you had collected.  I love this wall hanging so much I have been known to leave it up all year round.
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  1. Love this fall leaf idea, you don't know how many times I have collected beautiful leaves, and did nothing! Too many to do's on my list :)
    New follower, stop by and visit me some time!