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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas doesn't have to cost a lot for a 1 year old

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Are you shopping for a 1 year old this Christmas? The great thing about tiny kids is that their presents don't have to cost a lot - even if you aren't crafty and don't want to make your own gifts. Here are some of my little girl's favorite things to play with - and they are all around $5 or under!

My sister-in-law gave Lily Tennis Balls a while back, and she plays with them every day. EVERY SINGLE DAY. She loves playing ball. We practice throwing, rolling, bouncing, and catching. Also, she loves to take them in/out of the canister over and over. Tennis balls are my #1 recommended gift for a 1 year old. These things are a huge hit with all of her little friends.
I got these Rainbow Slinkys from the birthday party isle at Walmart a little while back.  Another huge hit with Lily and all of her friends.  A 4 pack of these things were just a couple of dollars.  It keeps her quiet during church, entertained in the car, and content at home too.  These things are pretty durable too - she is rough on them and I have yet to have them kink or tangle to the point I couldn't repair it easily.

Lily loves stickers, and you can get them for just a dollar or two almost anywhere.  I have to be careful with these though and make sure I watch her so she doesn't stick them to any furniture I don't want sticker residue on.  I give her a notebook or old coloring book and let her go!  It keeps her entertained for a long time.  She also likes to wear them on her shirts occasionally.

Lily loves dressing up, and she loves animals.  These masks are a great gift for only a few dollars!

Lily colors every day.  She loves crayons and coloring books...and they only cost a dollar or two.

I know what you're thinking...these don't look like the most exciting gifts.  The point is that any 1 year old would love this stuff, and get a lot of use out of it!  Why break the bank when you don't have to?

What are some things your toddler loves to play with that doesn't cost a lot?
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  1. I would have honestly never thought of these--great ideas! Thanks for posting!

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  3. These are really good ideas. We're trying to keep christmas simple for our daughter, because she doesn't need a lot of stuff, but these are perfect. I love the crayons and tennis balls idea.

  4. Where did you get the cute masks?