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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yogurtland in Orem

I LOVE Yogurtland in Orem. I know there are a ton of yogurt and ice cream places popping up, but this one has to be my favorite right now.

Make sure you grab a sample cup or two when you walk in so you can taste all of the awesome flavors before you fill your cup.

You start out with a cup, and then you get to fill it with whatever flavored frozen yogurt (or combo of flavors) you want!  I love all of the flavors at this place- but my favorites are toasted coconut, New York cheesecake, and chocolate twilight.  Lily's favorite flavor is red velvet cupcake batter.

After you fill your cup with yogurt (which is much healthier than ice cream but just as delicious) you get to pile on your own toppings.  Look at all of these fruits and yummy goodies to choose from!

You pay by the ounce.  I usually get a pretty sizable portion and it ends up being about $4.50.

Did I mention Lily loves the red velvet cupcake batter flavor?

I also love this place because they have complimentary water.  I always need a drink at dessert places, and this place has really stepped up to the plate by providing them free of charge.

I definitely recommend taking your kids here.  What is more fun than building your own awesome ice cream sundae?

Yogurtland in Orem
534 E University Pkwy
Orem, UT 84097


11:00 am - Midnight
Closed Sunday

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