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Thursday, September 29, 2011

BYU LaVell Edwards Stadium Farmer's Market

 Lily and I went to the LaVell Edwards Stadium Farmers Market today to check it out.

This farmers market was smaller than ones I have been to in the past, but it wasn't as crowded either which I liked.  There were a few craft booths, a booth with honey, a booth with jalapeno jelly, a few booths for bread, and a lot for produce...the usual farmer's market atmosphere but on a smaller scale than Provo's.  They had a booth for the BYU creamery, BYU bookstore, and one where a BYU chef was giving a demo which were all fun.  The prices were good; in fact I was kicking myself for buying peaches at a local fruit stand just minutes before for $4 more than the price at BYU's farmer's market.

I LOVED that they had shopping carts here!  It's hard to go to a farmer's market with a little one, because you can't carry the baby AND all of your stuff, but they figured it out and provide you a cart to take around with you.  Bless you BYU - the carts sold me.

Lily and I had a great time just browsing and snacking on samples.  (In the picture above we are sampling some scrumptious pancakes.)  I loved this farmers market because it was kid friendly (with the samples, lack of huge crowds, and carts) but don't go expecting booths and booths of things to choose from.

I parked in the Museum of Paleontology parking lot just west of the farmer's market, but there was closer parking just east of the farmer's market in the same parking lot.

BYU LaVell Edwards Stadium Farmer's Market
3:00 pm - 8:00 pm or dusk (whichever is earlier)
Thursdays July 28 - October 27
BYU LaVell Edwards Stadium South Parking Lot

For questions email or call Amanda at 801-422-9444

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