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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

DIY wood kitchen for under $100 - Dishwasher

The dishwasher for Lily's pretend kitchen is my favorite part.

To do the dishwasher I sprayed the front an aluminum color using spray paint.  I added "pull" style cabinet hardware for this one.  I have the hinges at the bottom so the dishwasher actually opens like a real one.  The door rests on the floor so if kids do stand on it then it shouldn't be too hard on the hinges.

I used the cabinet hardware I had from the desk (from the drawer that I  turned into an oven) for the top rack.  I just screwed the drawer slides into the plastic and it worked great!  I put washers and nuts over the exposed screws on the inside of the basket to prevent it coming undone or scratching a child.

I bought drawer slides for the bottom basket since I didn't have any extra lying around.  I installed them on the bottom of the basket instead of the sides.  I also bought a utensil holder that actually came from a real dishwasher from my local thrift store for just $1.  I actually bought the baskets at the same thrift store for $1 each as well.

I also installed a magnetic closure so it "clicks" when opened and closed.  My little girl loves this and laughs and claps every time she opens it.

For the tutorial on the kitchen click HERE
For the tutorial on the sink click HERE
For the tutorial on the microwave click HERE
For the tutorial on the oven/stove click HERE
For the tutorial on the accessories click HERE
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  1. Your attention to detail is remarkable! The magnets which click, the door that kids can stand on w/out too much trouble.


    Pam Hoffman