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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

DIY wood kitchen for under $100 - Oven/Stove

To make the stove for Lily's pretend kitchen, I started by taping off the area I wanted to be painted above the oven.  I painted the stovetop with black paint.

I took old CDs and super glued them 3 high for each burner.

 I used the CD spindle to help stack each CD exactly on top of the next one.

I then painted my burners black.

 bought oven knob replacements at my local hardware store.  The oven knobs came with a bunch of different adapters.  I chose the adapter with the smallest center hole to use for this project.   I then used a nail that had a head big enough it wouldn't go straight through the center hole on the adapter.  I made sure the nail was long enough to go into the desktop, but not too long to go straight through it.

I set the knobs where I wanted them to end up.  I used a level to make sure they were all in a straight line.  I marked the center of each knob using a pen.

I then put the nail through the adapter and nailed it into the desktop on the marks I had made.  Once the adapters were nailed in I pushed the knobs on, fitting them to the adapters.

I glued on the painted burners using wood glue.

For the oven I used the same tactic I used for the Microwave.  I cut a 6.25" by 8.25" rectangle in the oven door.  I then cut a 1/8" MDF board to be the same size as the door, and used a jigsaw to cut a 6" by 8" rectangle in the same place as the other piece of the door.  I glued the two pieces together using wood glue.  I spray painted the front an aluminum color and painted the back white.

I cut a 6.25" by 8.25" rectangle out of plexiglass and glued it in just like I had the microwave using a glue gun.  I then added cabinet hardware.

I added old racks I got from my local thrift store for the oven rack inside.  I also spray painted the drawer under the oven the same aluminum color.  I have the door swinging out not down because I was afraid if I did it down kids would step on it and break it.  I also installed a magnetic closure so it "clicks" when opened and closed.

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  1. Excellent work!! Thank you so much for posting the tutorials.

  2. Great job!! We, too, are making our daughter a play kitchen. I have been searching high and low for a way to attach the stove knobs that still allows them to turn. Does your method allow for them to turn?

  3. Thanks, DeDe - and thanks for stopping by!! I'll see you at Talkin' About Thursdays Blog Hop! reverse osmosis water filter