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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

DIY wood kitchen for under $100 - The Kitchen

To start Lily's play kitchen I took a desk I already had and measured it all.  I wrote down all of the measurements so I could make a pattern.  I wanted to build cabinets under the desk, but if you started with an entertainment center you could put the sink and stove where the TV is supposed to be and the cabinets would already be built in.

For my pattern I put the bottom shelf 4 inches above the ground.  I did a piece of wood from the ground to the bottom of the shelf 2 inches in.

I took apart the whole desk and cut 6 inches off of each leg so the desktop was 23 1/2 inches high.

 In making the pattern for the cabinets, I would always measure twice (or three times) for the pattern to make sure it was right.  I also measured two or three times before cutting the wood to make sure I had it right.  I cut all of the wood using a table saw my mom's neighbor had.

The wood I did have to get I got at the local hardware store from the scraps section.  I got 5/8" thick MDF.  Often I find big sections of MDF in the scraps section for a few dollars or even 50 cents per board.

You don't have to paint your wood - you could leave it whatever finish the furniture you were using had (unless you are adding cabinets) or you could use spray paint or wall paint to paint everything one uniform color like I did.

After cutting the wood for the cabinets I primed and painted all of the wood - both the wood I had cut and the wood from the desk.  I already had the primer and paint from when the previous owners painted our house, so that part didn't cost me anything.  I did 2 coats of each using an oil-based white tinged primer and white flat paint.

I assembled the kitchen once it was primed and painted using screws and corner braces.

I started with it upside down and once the cabinets were built under the desk I turned it right side up to attach the hutch

For the tutorial on the sink click HERE
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For the tutorial on the oven/stove click HERE
For the tutorial on the accessories click HERE
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