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Monday, July 11, 2011

Buster Burger (ends July 18)

Last week I took my family to Buster Burger in South Jordan and we had a great time!  I had never been, but we were all very impressed.  Even though it was a little bit of a drive, I will definitely be going back again.

 We went on "Free Fry Fridays" where you get unlimited fries with the purchase of a combo meal.  We each got a combo meal and let me tell you - those fries were DELICIOUS!

This place is a great mix between fast food and restaurant style.  You get the convenience of getting your food quickly like fast food with fast food prices, but the quality of restaurant style burgers that are grilled right there in front of you, made to order.  They had a bunch of spices and sauces to put on your burger which was a lot of fun. 

I got cheese fries (which were incredible) but my husband came up with the awesome idea of putting Garlic Ramano on top of his fries.  Seriously, the best fries I've ever had.  At one point I stopped eating my burger because I couldn't get enough of his fries.

Don't get me wrong - the burgers were great too.  Grilled right in front of us, we got to choose our toppings.  I got a double with cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and grilled onions and mushrooms.  It was HUGE!

 Lily loved the place too, which was really convenient for me because then I had a chance to eat while she was busy chowing down.

 Above is the wall of condiments and toppings I mentioned.  This restaurant was super clean and modern - and it's attached to a TCBY with build-your-own-yogurt for dessert.

My husband sometimes works at a very high-end catering company so he can often be a food-snob when it comes to eating out.  (Sorry honey, but you know it's true.)  He loved this place and had nothing bad to say about anything...which says a lot.

Ok now that you're drooling over your screen, do you want to try it out?  I know you do!

Buster Burger has agreed to sponsor a giveaway for 2 of our readers!  Two of you will receive a $10 gift certificate to Buster Burger in South Jordan.

TO BE ELIGIBLE: You must be a public follower of this blog.

TO ENTER:  Just go to Buster Burger's website HERE and tell me what on the menu looks best to you.

EXTRA ENTRIES:  You can get 1 extra entry for each of the following:
- Follow Utah County Mom on facebook
- Follow Buster Burger on facebook
- Share this giveaway on facebook

As always with my giveaways, I count my entries manually so there is no need to leave more than one comment.  Just put all your entries into one comment below by July 18 at midnight and you'll be eligible to win!


  1. I would eat the single buster with cheese and bacon. How great that they have a mini buster perfect for my burger-loving daughter!

  2. Oops, forgot to add that I liked Utah County mom and Buster Burgers on FB.

  3. Double Buster with Pinapple and Egg.... Ahh booya!

    Public Follower, Facebook Follower of UtahCountyMom, and Sharer of Link. Also huge blog fan... so that's like 18 entries I think.

  4. I'm most likely to try a single buster with grilled onions, grilled mushrooms and the usual fixins and after your description of the fries it would have to be a combo. :)

    I'm a fan of Utah County mom and Buster Burgers on FB and I shared this giveaway. :)

  5. I would get a single buster with BACON and cheese. I also would get cheese fries as I love them and if they would let me I would put bacon on the cheese fries as well. ;)

    I also follow you on FB
    I have posted about it on FB and will also write about it on my blog :)

  6. I am a mom of a friend of when i saw this I decided why not it will be a fun way to try something new. I think the concept of a burger bar is nice..I love burgers, so I would go for the single, add the specialty cheese, pineapple, grilled onions and raw onions, grilled mushrooms. I am a onion lover! Add some tasty fries and a drink. I am a public follower, and am heading over to FB to share this

  7. OOOOoooooHHHHhhhh! This looks good. I'd have to go with a triple buster: premium cheese, bacon, and egg with all the fixin's, cheese fries, and a drink. This looks like my type of place.

    Put me down for doing everything to enter this competition!

  8. YAY! This looks yummy. I would have to get a single buster with cheese and bacon, then get lettuce, tomatoes and pickles, and some cheese fries.

    I've done all the things to enter this competition!

  9. I love burgers and fries places, and I love you can add pineapple or bacon to the burgers. My husband would love adding the egg.

    I'm a follower on facebook too!

  10. This looks awesome! I would get a single buster with bacon!

    I follow your blog
    I follow Utah County Mom on Facebook
    I shared this giveaway on Facebook

  11. I would get a burger with cheese, mushrooms, lettuce and tomatoes with cheese fries, of course.

    I also follow your blog.
    I follow on facebook.
    And I shared this giveaway on facebook.


  12. My husband has tunnel vision when it comes to eating out. Burger, fries and a coke . . . that's what makes him happy! The cheeseburger with bacon sounds yummy! We live close by this place and I didn't know it was there! We definitely will try this. I follow your blog and shared this on facebook.