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Monday, June 6, 2011

Provo Farmers Market

 Lily and I went to the Provo Farmer's Market this past Saturday to try and find some fresh produce.  We didn't end up getting anything, but it was still fun to look around.

The Provo Farmers Market is each Saturday from 9 am to 2 pm from June to October.  It is still really early in the season so there was not 1 fruit or vegetable in sight, but they had a lot of booths that sold crafts, homemade goods like jams and breads, and even organic plants to plant in your garden.

They also had a lot of booths that sold food.

I saw one booth on the Eastern side toward the South that sold hotdog like things called a Sonoran.  Check out the picture below - doesn't it look incredible?

My friend Dave offered to buy me one, and I've been kicking myself for not taking him up on it ever since.  You better believe I am going back next week to get myself one of these for lunch!

Overall, the farmers market was ok.  If you are in the mood for a "fair" type atomosphere with little craft boutiques and food to eat it is worth going, but if you are looking for produce you may want to wait until later in the season.

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  1. Ricky and I LOVE the sonoran dogs!! Get one next time, you won't regret it, and Ricky will be so proud.