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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Personalized Nursery Art Bundle GIVEAWAY (Ends June 27)

Have you had a chance to take a look at my ETSY shop?  Now is your chance to win your very own Personalized Nursery Art Bundle for free in your choice of colors!

1 winner will win a personalized nursery art bundle, complete with all 3 prints in their choice of color.  In addition, they will be personalized with the name of their choice.  This contests ends June 27 at midnight.

Don't have a baby coming to your house in the next little while?  This would make a perfect baby shower gift!

TO BE ELIGIBLE for this contest you have to be a public follower of my blog.
TO ENTER just leave a comment telling me what color scheme you would choose if you won.

FOR AN EXTRA ENTRY just vote for "Magnets and Magnet Board" by Jesswilde in the Are We There Yet Challenge HERE.  Leave me a comment to tell me you've voted.  While you're there vote for my "Dog and Cat Cupcakes" in the Cupcake Contest HERE, let me know, and I'll give you another extra entry.  Not only will you be eligible to win the nursery art bundle, but you will be eligible to win a vacation from just for voting!

FOR ANOTHER EXTRA ENTRY post this giveaway on facebook.  Leave in your comment that you've posted.
(When posting entries you can do it in seperate comments, or all in the same comment.  I count the entries manually so the number of comments you make won't affect the number of entries you have.)


  1. I like the all blue nursery art.
    I voted for both.

  2. Well this is a great Idea! So here it goes...

    A) The color scheme I would like is Purple and Pink.
    B) I voted for your Magnetic and Magnetic Boards.
    C)I voted for your Dog and Cat Cupcakes. (Which are very cute by the way)
    D) I shared this link on my Facebook.


  3. Love this giveaway!

    A) I would like my wall art to be pink and purple.
    B) I voted for your Magnetic Boards.
    C) I voted for your cute cat and dog cupcakes.
    D) I shared this giveaway on facebook.

    I'm excited! Thanks for this great giveaway!

  4. So due any day..would love these! Crossing my fingers :)

    1)I would go with the blue and green for my baby boy!
    2)voted for magnet boards
    3)voted for cat & dog cupcakes

    jakellcth@msn. com

  5. i like the blue and green color scheme!
    it would match the colors in my sons room.

  6. You're so creative!

    A) I like the blue and green color scheme.
    B) I voted for the magnet boards.
    C) I voted for the cupcakes.
    D) I posted it on facebook.

  7. I love the pink theme...and I voted!

  8. I love the all blue. Though I do love the name in the alphabet with the blue and black.

  9. I voted for the magnets. I tried to vote for the cupcakes but it said it was already being judged, and I posted on facebook. :)

  10. I love the all pink theme
    I voted for your magnet boards...and I want to make one for my baby girl maggie tomorrow!

  11. I like the all in green and yellow or orange. I voted for your magnet boards, i tried to vote the cupcakes but it said it was already being judged :(

  12. I am not exactly sure what colors I would use but purple would definitely be there. Maybe yellow as well.

  13. I love the pink and purple color.
    And I shared this giveaway on facebook for an extra entry! Thanks Jessica!

  14. My color scheme would be Sky Blue and Grass Green. Sadly, I was too late to vote on either front, but I did share the link!! :) Bon Chance on your cupcake and magnet entries!!

  15. I find out what im having tomorrow im feeling girl so I guess the pink:)

  16. I would choose the Blue & Brown color scheme

  17. Shared on Facebook

  18. I am a google follower and would love blue and green

  19. If i won . I'd choose the blue and green color scheme!

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