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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Trafalga Fun Center in Orem

Is it just me or does it seem like it has been raining for months?  Are you looking for things to do on a rainy day with kids?  I was yesterday, so since we have a pass of all passes (more on that later) we decided to go play at Trafalga in Orem.

 I hadn't been in years but they have really improved their facilities since I went last!  It was raining, so we chose the indoor mini golf which is decorated with bring painted fish and black lights.  Lily didn't care at all for the golfing but loved all of the colors and fish - she was content walking around just looking and pointing at everything.

Not only do they have an excellent indoor 18 hole mini-golf course but they have a huge arcade and XD Theater inside as well.  Outside they have 2 mini golf courses, batting cages, and go karts.  There is a TON to do!

 As I mentioned before, my family got the "Pass of All Passes" for Utah County here.  For $37 each I got a year long pass to Trafalga in Orem, Trafalga in Lehi, a ticket to every Owlz game, a ticket to every Utah Flash game, and a season pass to 7 peaks!  Lily's pass is free since she is under 3, but they still gave us a card for her with her picture on it even though we don't have to pay for her.  Honestly it's an incredible deal.

Would I buy a "Pass of All Passes" just to come to the Trafalga in Orem as much as I wanted?  No.  Maybe I would consider it if Lily were a little bit older and appreciated mini-golf.  I remember loving Trafalga as a kid and fully expect Lily to get excited about it too in few years.  However, I am so glad I got the pass due to the other things it includes (Seven Peaks for example) and still recommend it to all of my friends.

Don't want to commit to a whole year's worth of fun and get a Pass of All Pass for Utah County?  Trafalga has $3 Thursdays where you can go and do any activity for just $3.

Overall, it was a fun activity and I am glad we went.  I can't wait to go back when it's not raining so we can try their outdoor activities as well.

Trafalga Fun Center in Orem
168 S 1200 W in Orem

Open Monday - Saturday
10 AM - Midnight

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