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Friday, May 6, 2011

Orem Cemetery Field (Circle Park)

 The Orem City Cemetary's South side has a park with a walking/jogging trail we like to call "circle park".  I love coming here to walk with Lily or walk the dog.

 There are no playgrounds, just a lot of grass surrounded by a wide walking/jogging trail.  This isn't the park to choose if your kids want to play on the swings or slide, but is a great park for walking or outdoor activities that require a lot of open space.  (Playing ball, water balloon flights, flying kites or model airplanes, shooting off model rockets, etc.)

 In the Northwest area of the park they even have complimentary waste disposal bags to clean up after your pet.  This park is very pet friendly with a lot of space to play and room to run.

My parents' dog loves this park and so do we!

Orem City Cemetary Park
About 1500 N 800 E Orem
Exact location can be found here

No electricity, playground equipment, picnic tables.
A lot of grass, a large walking/jogging trail

They do have soccer nets on the field but they are not for public use and are usually locked.


  1. Hey this is a great place for a walk. The soccer nets (fyi) are not for public use. They are owned by Celtic Storm Soccer club and are very expensive. Thanks =)

  2. How far around is the track. Distance around track.

  3. How far around is the track. Distance around track.