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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kid-Friendly Meals: Homemade lunchables

Sometimes I get sick of sandwiches for picnics but those lunchables at the store are so expensive!  Since Lily loves cheese and crackers I came up with my own version.

 It's super easy.  I sliced 2 types of cheese and 2 types of meat and put them in these handy Ziploc containers my sister in law gave me a while ago.  I love using thin slices of summer sausage and bologna for the meat but you could do whatever you like.  I stack the Tupperware in a small cooler, add a few juice boxes or water bottles, and throw in a box of Ritz crackers and I'm set!

 This picture is from last fall when we took these lunches to the zoo.  All of the kids LOVED them, and it was a hit with the adults too.  Everyone loved having their own pre-packaged lunch.  I definitely recommend this lunch for a kid-friendly picnic.
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  1. We make these too! I like that I can choose healthier meats, and gluten-free crackers this way. I've even put in a snack sized candy bar from time to time.