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Saturday, April 2, 2011

"Mother of the bride" kit

My good friend Nancy's daughter is getting married this month, and she is in the middle of all of the stresses that come along with planning a wedding for your daughter.  I thought I'd make her a "Mother of the bride kit" to make light of her situation.

 I went to my local pharmacy and asked if I could buy a few empty pill bottles for a craft project.  They actually just handed them over at no cost which was awesome.

 I made my own labels to put on the bottles, using one of my old prescriptions as a template.  It would have probably looked better on the computer but I didn't want to take the time to get the sizing right so I just wrote out everything by hand.  I filled each bottle with colored 25 cent candy I got from the store.

The labels on the pill bottles read as follows:

Neighborhood Pharmacy
Rx# 652300941

Nancy (Last Name)
(Nancy's address)

Take 1 or 2 capsules by mouth as needed for PATIENCE

PATIENCE 500 mg TAB    qty 50

no refills
EXP (day after wedding)

*I did 5 different "medications."  Patience, cheerfulness, endurance, compromise, and composure.

Then on the other items I put notes with applicable sayings.  The note for the "Nips" is above, and the note for the "Andes Mints" is below.

 The note for the Lindt Truffles is above, and the gold coin chocolates is below.

She got a good laugh out of the whole thing, so I guess it served its intended purpose.  It was a great low-cost, creative gift.


  1. Oh snap! I was hoping it was Xanax!

  2. Jessica has made me my own kit lately and it was so cute! I'm still enjoying it. Jess, you are so thoughtful, I love that you are so good at gifts and making them applicable to what people are going through in their life.

  3. hi thanks for sharing this