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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hospital gift

A family member of mine was recently diagnosed with cancer and is currently in the hospital for about a month undergoing intensive chemo treatment.  I've noticed I like to give people gifts to show I am thinking about them and care.  (It's not how I receive love but definitely how I show it.)  As I thought about what I could do for this family member I came up with this.

I put together a basket of snacks and a few drinks for this person's hospital room.  I know they are having a hard time with food and will likely not eat one thing out of this, but they do receive multiple visitors a day and I thought it would be a nice way for the patient to be able to offer the visitors a snack while they talk.

Also, this person's spouse is often there and I thought this would support her as much as it would the patient.

 I had made this card with my mom years ago for a friend who was also battling cancer.  We made 2 copies and gave our friend one at the time.  I had this one left over and thought it was perfect for this occasion.
I also had Lily sign the card.  It was actually her first drawing she did all by herself.

Things I kept in mind when building my basket:

I took things out of their boxes.  I opened up all of the granola bars, snack packs, etc, and put in the individual pieces instead of the boxes.  Easily accessible and looks better too.

Everything originated from the center.  I arranged everything so that it was pointing outward.  It makes things easier to see and also looks nice.

Tissue paper.  A splash of color between the basket and the snacks really adds a lot.

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