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Friday, April 22, 2011

Free Kids Birthday Clubs

 Last week while in the checkout at the Provo Maceys, the cashier let me know that if you take your baby in on their first birthday, the bakery will give them a free "smasher" cake.  Sure enough, when I took Lily in the morning of her first birthday, the bakery was happy to let me choose a cake and even wrote a birthday message on top!

 I also had signed Lily up for a bunch of birthday clubs (listed at the bottom of this post.)  This week the coupons started rolling in!  Today I took her to California Pizza Kitchen for lunch to redeem her free kids meal valid anytime the month of her birthday.

 I was very impressed with all Lily got!  The kids meal came with a pizza (there were other choices on food but this little girl really likes pizza), a drink in a souvenir cup, and an ice cream sundae for dessert.  The list price for the meal was $5.95 but with our coupon it was FREE!  (I ordered a small salad for about $4 for myself, but I made sure to tip for the full amount before the coupon.)

Lily was really excited when I put the sundae in front of her.  I usually don't have sweets around for her to eat, so when I started feeding her the ice cream she ate it as fast as she could before she got an ice cream headache.

Below is a list of birthday clubs for kids in Utah County.  Sign your kids up NOW so you don't forget!  You have to sign up at least 2 weeks in advance for some of these clubs, so it's better to do it early while you're thinking about it.

Toys R Us (ages 2-10)
Tucanos (over 6)

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