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Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter tradition: Adult (or older kid) Egg Hunt

Egg Hunts are about as traditional as it gets when it comes to Easter.  There are a few things I hate about egg hunts the fact that only little kids to get to play.  And I hate that one person hides and the rest all have fun looking and getting candy.  So...I made up my own rules for an adult egg hunt, and it has become one of my favorite traditions of the year.  This is a great way to do an egg hunt for adults or older kids who aren't invited to the younger kid egg hunts or get bored with them.

First we split up all of the candy and eggs evenly between everyone's basket.   We also count all of the candy so we can tell if we have found everything later.

 Then we all split up and hide our eggs anywhere inside or outside.  Traditionally we do it at my inlaws' house because there is more room to spread out and hide things.  The rule is that you aren't allowed to watch other people hide their eggs, so if you run into someone you just kind of have to avoid each other.  We also have a rule that it doesn't have to be in plain sight but you shouldn't have to open anything to get to it.  They can't be hidden in cupboards or drawers or boxes...etc.  They could be in a pot though because you don't have to open that.  The fun with playing with older people is that you can come up with creative places to hide things.

 Once all of our candy is hidden, we meet back together.  Once everyone is finished we "go" and it's a race to see who can find the most eggs.  You can't find your own egg.  Everyone runs around as fast as they can looking for eggs inside and outside.  Once we think we have found everything, we meet back together again.
 Next we go around as a group and we get to point out the eggs we hid that nobody found.  We play "hot" and "cold" and give clues until people find it.  This is usually the best part - when we get to brag about the good places we found to hide things in.

After all of the eggs have been found, we count our candy to see who won.  Bethanie (the youngest) has won every year!

After we see who "won" we push all of the candy into the middle.  I am all about being fair - "winning" is just for bragging rights not to get the most candy.

Then we sit in a circle around the candy and take turns grabbing one piece at a time as fast as we can until the candy is gone.  We sit in order starting with the person who found the most candy.  We get pretty fast - that way people don't sit and think about what to choose next.

Once the candy is distributed we empty our eggs and trade for things we really wanted.

I highly recommend this tradition to anyone with older kids (we're playing with a 5-year-old this year so they don't have to be too old...just old enough to understand the rules.)

I love the way we do it because everyone gets to hide, and everyone gets to seek.  It's still competitive, but everyone ends up with the same amount of candy in the end.  Older kids and adults can play too and everyone I've ever played with loves it!

We haven't done our egg hunt this year, so the pictures above are taken from the last few years' egg hunts.

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