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Thursday, April 14, 2011

2011 Easter Egg Hunts in Utah County

Below is a list of the Easter Egg Hunts scheduled for Utah County in 2011.  Most are free!
These can also be found at our calendar of events in Utah county, which you can view by clicking the calendar in the left side bar of this blog.

Cedar Hills Easter Egg Hunt - Sat April 23, 11am-12pm​ndar.shtml

Draper Easter Egg Scramble - Sat April 23, 10am-11:30am​asp?Type=B_EV&S​EC={5B97793A-B4​15-454D-9C24-E8​6FEC97C9D0}&DE=​{072AA40D-4F36-​4A45-B432-A3981​AAE8B63}

Eagle Mountain Easter Egg Hunt - Sat April 23, 10:30am-11:30am​pe=B_EV&SEC={DF​1DE393-E3D2-476​5-B815-301F5F9B​9147}&DE={B8A68​09E-FB96-4649-A​70B-44E54176492​6}

Highland Easter Egg Hunt & Cookie Decorating - Sat April 23, 10am-10:30am​lendar.aspx

Lindon Easter Egg Hunt - Sat April 23, 9am-10am​le/events.htm?p​ageComponentId=​22205&year=2011​&month=Apr&day=​23&eventId=7463​5

Orem City Easter Egg Hunt - Sat April 23, 9am-10am​index.php

Pleasant Grove Easter Cooking & Egg Hunt - Sat April 23, 10am-12pm​ion/enrichment-​programs/easter​-cooking

Provo City Easter Egg Hunt - Sat April 23, 10am-12pm​ents.html

Provo Maceys Easter Treasure Hunt - Fri April 22, 10am-3pm

Santaquin Easter Egg Hunt - Sat April 23, 9am-10am​.php?option=com​_jevents&task=i​calrepeat.detai​l&evid=5316&Ite​mid=11&year=201​1&month=04&day=​23&title=easter​-egg-hunt&uid=4​1a455a3be4c071b​e48b70ef110c2c5​b

Spanish Fork Easter Egg Hunt - Sat April 23, 9am-10am​t/parkrec/event​s/cal_popup.php​?op=view&id=716

Springville Pool Easter Egg Splash - Mon April 18, 6:30pm - 7:30 pm (admission prices apply)​endarevents/cal​endar/main.php?​view=event&even​tid=13002216614​59

Springville Rotary Easter Egg Hunt - Sat April 23​endarevents/cal​endar/main.php?​view=event&even​tid=13002220899​94

Thanksgiving Point Easter Eggstreme - Sat April 23, 11am ($6 or $8 per child, $3 per adult)

UVU Easter Egg Hunt - Sat April 16, 9 am - 11 am​e3/default.aspx​?templateURL=ht​tp%3a%2f%2fwww.​​dar%2fcampus_ca​lendar_template​.html

See one I missed?  Send me a message and let me know so I can add it to the list!


  1. byu- Cosmo's Easter egg hunt. Lavel Edward stadium Saturday @ noon

  2. now I feel like an idiot... these are last year's