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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Paper flower clips

I found these cute paper flowers in my paper crafting supplies and decided to make them into clips for Lily since they matched the dress she was going to wear the next day perfectly.

I just used white ribbon to cover the top part of the clip, used a hot glue gun to glue everything on (including the cute jewel in the middle) and they were ready to go!

One thing I did learn through this project - paper flowers aren't the best choice when making clips for your 10 month old.  While I do her hair she inevitably sucks on one or both of these, and then I have to reshape the flower and wait for it to dry before it looks presentable again.  Although cute, I wouldn't recommend using paper flowers.  Next time I'm going with silk.

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  1. Think about Mod Podging them. I made roses out of book pages, Mod Podged them and glued them to bobby pins. All you do is cut a circle out of a book page and then cut that into a spiral. Starting from the center to the outside, twist the spiral around and around until it looks like a rose and hot glue it in place. Mod Podge and let it dry and you have a sturdy unique book page rosette to glue onto a hair clip. :) You can use new book pages that are black and white or old cream colored book pages. You can also add some paint to the edges to get different colors. They are fun to work with!