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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Infant pajama top

I wanted to make pajama tops to match my pajama pants.  Since I was looking to make 10 tops I went cheap.  I found these shirts at Old Navy on sale, and with my coupon I ended up paying less that $3 a shirt.
It isn't exactly a pajama shirt, and to be honest not really what I had in mind, but it was the right color, size and price so I made it work.  I had planned to do applique using the scraps I had from the pants.  Since the neckline is shirred, it prevented me from doing it front and center like I had imagined so I put it in the bottom right corner instead.

I started by choosing what I wanted to use.  I ended up drawing my bird, cupcake, and heart since I didn't find anything online I loved.  I traced the butterfly from the butterfly pants I had made.

After I had drawn what I wanted it to look like, I made a pattern by tracing each piece individually.

I cut scraps of fabric slightly bigger than I needed for my pattern pieces, and ironed them on to some HeatnBond.

 Once the scraps were ironed on, I pinned the pattern pieces on and cut out my shapes.  Then I ironed on the pieces.

 The finished product (above) - a look at all 10 shirts.

 For the cupcake and the bird I added iron on jewels for the flame and eye.

 For the dog fabric I decided to add a row of paw prints to the bottom hem.  I sewed along the edge after I had ironed it on to secure in place. 

*I made Lily's pants a little long so they will fit her longer.

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