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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Football fan

We are Colts fans, so for football season I made Lily this onesie one morning.  It only took me about 20 minutes from start to finish and was really easy!

First, I found a pattern for my applique.  I used this for my Colts horseshoe.  I saved the picture, sized it to what I wanted using Microsoft Word, and printed it.

Then I ironed a scrap of fabric to HeatnBond.  I pinned on the pattern and cut out the shape.

Then, I peeled off the back of the HeatnBond and ironed the horseshoe onto the onesie.  I decided not to sew around the edges since I made it late in the season and thought there was a good chance Lily would only wear it once since if they lost they wouldn't play again.

She actually ended up wearing it a few times and the applique has withstood being washed and dried.  Still, if it were a shirt I was planning on using a lot I would probably sew along the edges to secure into place.

I finished it off by adding some iron on jewels.  Super easy, and super cute!  I think she makes the cutest little Colts fan ever.

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  1. We are COLTS fans also! Go colts! I think I will try this on T-shirts!