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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The fish tank at Nordstrom in Orem

On cold days like today I love going to University mall and window shopping.  Lily loves to people watch, but her favorite part is when I take her to the fish tanks in the Nordstrom kids department.
 She points and claps her hands, and then starts talking and talking...telling me all about it I'm sure.
 I love this place.  There is a soft bench next to the tank so I can sit and talk to my friends while Lily and her friends watch the fish.  I love that it's free.  I love that it's never crowded over there.  And I love that it gives me an excuse to go to Nordstrom.
The picture didn't come out well but the colors are a lot brighter in person.  The fish tank is more impressive in real life, I promise.

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